4-H Tech Changemakers

Turning Interest Into Action

National 4-H Council and Microsoft launched 4-H Tech Changemakers to equip young people with the digital skills and resources they need to make a positive impact in their communities.

Through this partnership, 4-H youth leaders are working with educators, community members, and Microsoft to identify challenges their communities face, and to implement plans to address those challenges using digital skills or technology.

Tech Changemakers is part of Microsoft and National 4-H Council’s combined efforts to bring more economic opportunity to communities through the power of technology, connectivity and digital skills.

Together, we’ll equip 4-H teens to serve as leaders in their own communities, helping the community see what’s possible when you learn to create with, not just consume, technology.

Youth from the greater Machias area in Washington County are exploring the idea of developing mapping tools to help reduce food insecurity by connecting local farms and gardens with food banks. They not only want to provide a digital picture of the food insecurity issue in their community, but find ways to engage more community members as volunteers.


Core Team Member

Paige is a student at Washington Academy. She is involved in Community F.E.A.S.T. because she feels food insecurity is a big problem in Washington County and she wants to try to change that. And with that, she wants to show ways for others to help and hopefully change that as well.


Core Team Member

Inez is a student at Washington Academy. Growing up in this area she's realized that food insecurity is a very serious problem in her community and country. By being a part of this project she hopes to contribute to the effort of solving this problem, as well as educating and inspiring others to help.


Core Team Member

Hudson is a sophomore at WA who joined the team to help solve the issue of food insecurity and impact his local community. 


Social Media Specialist

Olivia joined the program in order to help raise awareness. She is currently the publisher of all of our Instagram posts!


Website Developer

Forrest Perkins is a  student at Washington Academy, as well as Web Developer and Content Strategist of the project. He became involved in this project to help the community and to try to make an impact on food insecurity.


Website Developer

Samuel Perkins joined the 4-H Tech Changemaker project  because he wanted to use his technology background to make a difference in his community. A student of Washington Academy, he wants to see his classmates and their families fed every day.


Project Advisor

Ms. Lobley is a UMaine Cooperative Extension Professor who has worked with 4-H members and volunteers for 18 years. She enjoys helping teens develop their leadership skills and draws energy from their enthusiasm and passion for a project. She hopes more young people in the community will see what others are doing to address local food insecurity and find ways to get involved.

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