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Emily + Micah's Garden

Emily+Micah’s Garden is located in Eastport, Maine and run by Emily Guirl and Micah Pascucci. Emily and Micah grow different types of produce and are transitioning from subsistence to sales. “Our favorite things to grow are dry beans (the gemstones of the garden!), garlic and shallots,” Guirl said. They are also working on winter greens and various other crops. Emily and Micah sell at the Perry Harvest Festival and piloted a farm share and CSA this year that they hope to expand in the future. They do not currently donate to any local pantries but participate in combating food insecurity by graciously giving away to friends and neighbors. The rest of their food is either eaten or stored away and preserved for the winter. They even make their own compost to refresh their garden! Guirl said that most of her network grows some of their own food, but plenty of people in the Washington County area don’t have the time, space, or physical ability to do that. “Anyone who can’t drive would have a hard time getting to a grocery store, and options there are limited,” Guirl said. “My husband and I like to eat well and have more time than money, so we grow our own food.”