Food and Garden Club

At the beginning of school year at Washington Academy (WA), I started going to the 4-H Food and Garden club. The first time I went, there was only three to four students. Since then, it has grown to six to seven. We have recently had a series of events: homemade smoothies, kale chips, worm composting, and seed planting. The apprenticeship class at WA built a grow table so we could grow things inside during the

winter months. When it gets warmer, we will begin growing outside in both the greenhouse which the shop class will be renovating, and in the raised beds which were built last fall by students. When the food is grown, we plan to harvest it and maybe get to use some of it in the cafeteria at WA. The majority of what we grow will be donated to the Machias Food Pantry. I am hoping to learn more about growing food and distributing it. I have a great time in the Food and Garden club because I get to grow food for my community!

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