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  • Jen

Friday Afternoon Work Session

This core team of teens is awesome! They chose to spend Friday afternoon with ME in the library. Yup, I brought some yummy snacks to feed their brain power, but THEY are doing all the work. Updating our website, working on blog posts and doing some brainstorming for our Instagram account! I love to see the individual learning that takes place as they figure out new things. "Awesome," I hear Sam say under his breath. He has just figured out how to add all of us to the web site as "blog" authors. One of the most important things we have learned during this project is the importance of keeping up with the tech side of things- fresh stories, new content, variety. Now....if we can just some more folks to follow us on Instagram @communityfeast4h (Inez just reminded me it is all lowercase...."as she just learned"). What ideas do you have that can help us get more followers?