• Tina

From Doing A Hobby To Making A Difference

Updated: Jan 31

Today, it’s no longer just about me doing my hobby. It’s also the art of making a difference to the community. I usually design pictures in my free time and I've never thought this ability is somehow useful elsewhere. However, everything has changed when I joined 4H. I designed a bag while thinking I was doing it just for fun. However, it was somehow helpful for the 4H group. From now on, my point of view is totally different from "the old days". Working with this youth, I learned how to work smarter, not harder. Surrounding me with other intelligent peers, I have to push myself out of my comfort zone.

While being out of the shell, I realized that I've made the right choice to join 4H. We had a food distribution event and I was amazed by how much impact 4H has on the community that we gave out so much food to a lot of individuals. I was there helping out and saw how happy people were. These smile faces not only made my day, but also inspired 4H to continue to grow and do our mission to help the community.

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