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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Over the past couple summers, our 4-H team and partners have put together an amazing garden in East Machias just down the road from Washington Academy.

I was glad to be a part of the whole process and see what goes into making a garden. In the back of my mind for ages I had thought about having a garden of my own at my house. Equipped with some new skills, I thought I might convince my parents to give it a shot. After bringing them down to see the school garden, they were convinced. We were going to have our own garden for the very first time, but we didn’t know nearly enough to build one. Over the next few weeks I learned something, and that is people who garden always love to share their knowledge. A neighbor came with his rototiller and helped us break ground, another told us where to get our starter plants, and many more have given their input and advice all along the way. It was quite the learning experience and I would highly recommend it to anybody who has thought about starting their own garden. Everything in this picture we got from one harvest in the garden, minus the apples that came from the field out behind the house. This was with no experience the first time around, but with a lot of help from people willing to share their knowledge. I can’t wait to see what round two will bring!

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