Remembering the Commute to Washington DC for CWF

This summer in July, I went on a plane to Washington DC for the very first time to go to Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) with Jen, Sam, Hudson. It was quite an adventure to say the least. Let me explain. After we arrived at the airport and successfully had our bags checked in and had gone through security, it began to thunder outside, which I did not think much of at first. After waiting for quite a while, our flight got called. To our inconvenience however, our flight had been overbooked and we were told that there were only enough seats for three people and there were still quite a few people other than us that had to get on that flight. We were told that if we did not get on that flight, we would have to wait a few days to get on the next one going to DC, and that we might have to get home. This would have been an issue for me since my parents had long left the airport and I had to way of contacting them. Luckily for us, we were told at the last minute to get on the plane.

The plane ride down was very interesting, especially since I had never been on a plane before. Sam, Hudson and I were lucky enough to fly down first class, but unfortunately, Jen was stuck in the back of the plane.

Once we had arrived over DC and Reagan International Airport, we had to circle to wait for landing space. We were not permitted to land and were sent to Dulles refuel. We were stuck there for a good hour and told that we could get off, but if we did, we would not be provided transportation or our luggage. Later on, we took off again and landed back at Reagan International Airport, but we could not get off or dock the plane since lightning was hitting the runway and everything else. After sitting there for another hour or longer, we were allowed to get off the plane. After we got our bags and everything, we got an Uber, arrived at the National 4-H Center at around 1:00am., and ordered pizza, since we had not eaten since breakfast or lunch.

Overall, the commute was pretty crazy, but completely worth it.

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