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  • Jen

Time to Eat- a community supper

After attending a meeting with members of the University of Maine (UMM) Food Club, we were invited to help them with a community supper. Here is a glimpse at our adventure:

1:00pm - We met at the campus cafeteria to help load up the UMM van. Sodexo, the University food service donated and prepared the meal.

1:30pm- Over at Professor Lori's office, we loaded up eight laundry baskets of food that would be used as door prizes at the dinner.

2:10pm- We arrive at the wrong church in Jonesport- they were having a 90th birthday party, but not a community supper.

2:20pm- Found the right church! Unloaded the van and cars. But the church wasn't unlocked...yet. Back into the cars because it was too cold to wait outside.

2:50pm-  Set up time! The traditional St. Patrick's Day dinner- corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes. We also learned we had to wear aprons and hats to serve the food.

3:45pm- Doors open and people arrive. Served over 50 people. Everyone was appreciative. A couple people even thought we were college students!

5:00pm-  Door prizes (laundry baskets of food) were given out and we made up plates with the leftover food for people to take. 5:30pm-  All cleaned up. Their bellies were full and our hearts were full. It was a great evening! Thank you UMM Food Club for the invitation to help!